Rules for Labels GB

Article 1°

  • Any club organizing a National or International Salon, can, obtain a « Quality Label » whatever its nationality. No dues will be required from ISF members, otherwise application fees will be charged. The label will on no account be granted to a Salon which, by its nature, schedule or other disposition, goes against ISF policy or may be detrimental to smooth working and/or development of ISF

Article 2

  • For a National Exhibition, a patronage by the National Federation must usually be obtained. A patronage by FIAP and/or by PSA is usually necessary for an International Exhibition.

Article 3

- The Salon must have been held previously, except if the organizers are already well known in the field of exhibition organization. The previous event must have entirely complied with the planned schedule and must not have been the object of justified complaints from the participants.

The applicant is required to send a copy of the regulations of the Salon together with the application. Should any term of the regulations not comply with current practices or regulations, the « Label » will be deferred until it is in accordance with these specifications.

Article 4

  • Respecting the authors’ legal rights - All photographs must be returned to their authors on time as indicated in the Salon schedule. No article in the regulations can stipulate the obligation to transfer certain photographs to the organizers. If the latter wish to acquire certain photographs, they will be required to negotiate directly with the authors.

Article 5

  • Groups of Salons such as « Circuits » can be granted an «ISF Label» in the same way as single Salons. If the Label is granted, every single Exhibition will get the advantages of the « ISF Label ».

Article 6

  • Any salon with an ISF label is expected to comply with the national or international schedules as set by FIAP or PSA.

Article 7

  • The judges of such Salons must be composed of members known for their photographic expertise. Any pre-selection before the judgement is forbidden. Both the organizers and the judges are not allowed to take part in the salon they organize or judge. Moreover, the clubs which organize the events cannot claim any award for the other members who might participate. Notification cards should mention at least the minimum acceptance score, minimum and maximum scores in the section, and the total score obtained by each photograph – mentioning each judge’s mark is not compulsory but recommended.

Article 8

  • The points obtained by an ISF member in an International Exhibition with « ISF Label», count double for the granting of “ISF Honours”.

Article 9

  • All exhibitions which are granted an «ISF Label» receive a Medal and two ISF Diplomas as awards.

Article 10

  • Applications for Labels must be made on the forms provided for this use. The procedure must be complied with.

Article 11

  • The ISF Logo provided -- together with the « ISF Label », followed by the assigned number, (N°001/2008 for example) must be present on the first page of the « Entry Form ».

An ISF advertisement as well as the logo and the number of the « Label » must be published in the catalogue. Publishing a catalogue or a CDrom is compulsory. Every participating author, whether he has been accepted or not, will receive a copy free of charge. The photographs by authors of the organizing country which are published in the catalogue should on no account exceed 40%. Only salons with an ISF label are allowed to use the ISF logo.

Article 12

  • Organizers are required to take the greatest care of the photographs with which they have been entrusted. They cannot be held responsible for theft, destruction or any damage occurring during transport (both ways) between the authors and the organizers but they are responsible for the photographs that they keep from the moment of their arrival until the moment they are sent back. Hence, photographs must be insured by the organizers for all the duration of the exhibition. Any article in the Regulations of the Salon claiming any lack of liability is void and inapplicable.

Article 13

  • Image Sans Frontière will verify the correct implementation of Salons with « ISF Labels » The non- respect of all or some specifications will entail a refusal of the « ISF Label » for the following salon.

Any breach of specification will have to be reported to the Steering Committee which will decide on the official decision to be implemented.

Article 14

  • All salon organizer receiving the ISF Label shall , within a period of 45 days after the judgment’s day , send to Label ISF /Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. the excel file provided upon approval.

Article 15

For labels with an ISF medal and four diplomas: € 45

For any extra medal and 4 diplomas: 30 €

Special formula: 3 medals: gold, silver and bronze with 4 diplomas for 80 €

Application fees for non ISF members: € 30